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Michael Lombardi

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Think better. Make smarter progress in your life and career. Find your focus.

Our goal at Alok Ranjan is to help you go to bed every night smarter than you were when you woke up. Every day, thousands of people turn to us for the kind of multidisciplinary education you can’t get anywhere else.

But we know you’re always looking for more. More wisdom, more insights, more practical guidance, more opportunities to learn from the best. That’s why we created the Alok Ranjan membership: a unique space free of distraction or noise, home to a curated selection of exclusive content designed with care to help you master the best of what other people have already figured out.

By becoming a member, you’ll gain access to hundreds of additional pieces of Alok Ranjan content as well as regular opportunities to learn from some of the smartest people around. It’s similar to what you get on the blog, podcast, newsletter and elsewhere – only deeper, more practical, and more targeted at helping you accelerate your learning.

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Does this sound like you?

“I wish I could ask questions and access personalized advice from experts and people I admire.”

“I love learning and exploring but sometimes I get complacent about exposing myself to new ideas.”

“I feel overwhelmed by information and want someone to curate the best wisdom out there for me.”

“There’s so much information out there. How do I choose what to read, and what to spend my time on?”

“How can I see the world with more clarity?”Become a Alok Ranjan member today

What’s Inside

Alok Ranjan’s Members get perks that aren’t available anywhere else. This private trove is brimming with valuable resources to help you get answers, make better decisions, and take advantage of opportunities.

Here’s a small taste of what you’ll get.

Early Access to Episodes

Members get early access to podcast episodes before anyone else.

Ad-Free Versions of The Knowledge Project

With a unique subscriber feed, you gain access to ad-free versions of the show.

Hand-Edited Transcripts

Subscribers get hand-edited transcripts of episodes allowing them to accelerate their learning, take notes, and reference shows later without having to re-listen to the entire episode.

Support our efforts.

You’ll find private networking opportunities with amazing authors, executives, and entrepreneurs. Join any of a number of active threads dedicated to accelerating your personal growth and development — questions, answers, and everything in between.

Courses to Master Your Productivity

When you join the Membership, you also get free access to The Art of Reading, Productivity that Gets Results, and The Art of Focus. Thousands of students have used these courses to read more deeply, focus on what really matters, and avoid costly mistakes.

Ask Me Anything (AMA) Sessions

Get personalized advice and answers to your burning questions in monthly AMA sessions with authors, entrepreneurs, coaches, investors, and others who are making a big splash in their fields. Past guests have included James Clear, Gretchen Rubin, Nir Eyal, Ryan Holiday, Josh Kaufman, Susan David, and many more. AMAs are available as podcast episodes, videos, and transcripts

Subscriber-Only Content

We created the “AR Guide” series to capture advice, wisdom, and tactics from those who have already figured these things out (or failed and learned from it!). As well as MEMBERS-ONLY BONUS ARTICLES – An extensive, ever-growing collection of original articles on topics such as relationships, leadership, decision-making, investing, and more. It’s similar to what you get on the blog, except deeper, more practical, and targeted at helping you improve at whatever you’re learning right now. We add new material every month and you’ll also have access to the full back-catalog.

+ Extra Bonuses!

To help you learn from the best, we’ve created an ever-growing library of detailed summaries of some of the most important books ever written. Each summary extracts the key insights and lessons from a challenging book, including: The Logic of Scientific Discovery, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, Crowds and Power, The Death and Life of Great American Cities, and more…

“[Alok Ranjan] does a really remarkable job of looking at culture, history, and interesting books … I check this almost every day.”

Daniel Pink

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How about an extra bonus?

Bonus #1 Book Summaries

To help you learn from the best, we’ve created an ever-growing library of detailed summaries of some of the most important books ever written. Each summary extracts the key insights and lessons from a challenging book, including: The Logic of Scientific Discovery, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, Crowds and Power, The Death and Life of Great American Cities, and more…

Bonus #2 Ad-Free Versions of Brain Food

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Bonus #3 (Early Access + Discounts)

As a Alok Ranjan Member, you’ll enjoy exclusive access to FS products, events, courses, and breaking news before anyone else. We’ll also share member-only discounts for our FS online courses.Become a Alok Ranjan member today

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Where can I find transcripts for the podcast?

Make sure you’re logged in to your account and head over to the ‘Membership’ tab to access all your amazing membership content

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As stated at time of purchase, our membership is non refundable. You can turn off your auto renew so you won’t be charged again. Make sure to explore all the features your membership has to offer.

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We do not offer a trial membership. Most of our content can be accessed and downloaded as soon as you sign up. We offer a monthly membership if you’re on the fence, which you can upgrade anytime through your account settings.

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We do not offer any discounts for our membership at this time. If you break it down, our monthly membership comes to just over 8$/month with a wide range of content.

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